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A Samuel Windsor jacket or blazer features half canvas construction, double rear vents, notch lapels and exquisite tailoring. But what does all that mean and how do you choose?

Half canvas construction

Half canvas construction refers to the layer of material that runs through the upper part of the jacket between the outer material and lining. It allows the garment to hang naturally across your shoulders and chest without appearing stiff and ill-fitting. After time the jacket will naturally mould to your body shape. On entry level suits these layers are often fused together, creating a rigid and unnatural silhouette. They also have a shorter life as they lose shape and bubbles appear on the surface, where the glued layers separate and create little air pockets.

Double vents

Vents are the slits in the back of a jacket designed to improve movement, appearance and comfort. Our double vented jackets are tailored in a traditional British style. Double vents help cover your rear, add shape and reduce creasing when seated.

Notch lapels

Jacket lapels are the folds of fabric around the neck and chest opening. Our men's jackets feature a triangular notch in the lapel for a timeless and versatile look. This is the most popular lapel style for suit jackets and blazers. Other lapel styles e.g. peak and shawl, are normally only found on dinner jackets or morning coats.

Summer jackets

It's still wise to wear a jacket when the sun is blazing. A carefully chosen layer will increase your comfort and maintain your debonair demeanor. Seersucker jackets have a distinctive rumpled surface that holds the cloth away from your skin, allowing the air to circulate and keep you cool. Linen jackets are another great choice, as the fabric has a low thread count allowing air to permeate and the naturally absorbent fibres efficiently wick away moisture.

Winter jackets

For colder weather a sturdy tweed jacket or tough but tactile corduroy jacket will serve you well. Tweed jackets are surprisingly versatile, their country tones are equally suited to special occasions or outdoor dining. Corduroy jackets make an ideal smart casual layer, tailored to cut an elegant figure but textured to invite familiarity.

Formal jackets

Dinner Jackets are the epitome of formal wear. With sleek lapels and cloth covered buttons these jackets give an understated yet dignified appearance. For something a little more daring try a velvet jacket. With an irresistible texture, rich lustre and distinguished design, velvet jackets never fail to arouse intrigue at formal events.

Casual jackets

For sophisticated fun try our summer boating blazers. Be bold in the boardroom or make your mark in the bar, our versatile summer blazers will equip you with a layer of confidence. For a more subtle aesthetic try our twill jackets. With simple tone and design they can be dressed up with a white shirt and tie or paired with a patterned shirt for parties. Here at Samuel Windsor, all of our jackets for men are tailored to the highest standards, using timeless designs and available at an affordable price.
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