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Tweed Jackets

The epitome of British heritage style, our pure wool tweed jackets offer superior quality and unbeatable value. That's because here at Samuel Windsor, our tweed jackets and blazers are expertly finished with a quality lining and trim. To complete your ensemble, do take a look at our matching tweed vests, country shirts and comfortable moleskin pants.

Sale Summer Tweed Jacket - Aston

Summer Tweed Jacket - Aston


$165.00 $135.00 Save $30.00

Sale Summer Tweed Jacket - Uist

Summer Tweed Jacket - Uist


$165.00 $135.00 Save $30.00

Sale Summer Tweed Jacket - Moran

Summer Tweed Jacket - Moran


$165.00 $135.00 Save $30.00

Sale Tweed Jacket - Cranbourne
Sale Tweed Jacket - Bradenham
Sale Tweed Jacket - Stowe

Tweed Jacket - Stowe



Sale Tweed Jacket - Hartwell
Sale Tweed Jacket - Wicken

Tweed Jacket - Wicken



Sale Tweed Jacket - Sandown

Tweed Jacket - Sandown



Sale Summer Tweed Jacket - Barra

Summer Tweed Jacket - Barra


$125.00 $99.00 Save $26.00

Sale Summer Tweed Jacket - Mawbray

Summer Tweed Jacket - Mawbray


$125.00 $99.00 Save $26.00

What is Tweed?

Tweed is a traditional woolen fabric that originates from the remote islands of the Outer Hebrides, off the west coast of Scotland. Its thick and rugged weave was originally designed to protect farming folk from the wind, rain and cold that beseige these exposed isles. Due to its earthy tones, that borrow from the British landscape, and the fabric's versatility, tweed became the sportswear of choice for the hunting, shooting and fishing elite.

Traditional tweed remains a timelessly stylish design that is tailored to create a wide range of clothing and accessories. For formal occasions, a three-piece tweed suit is unparalleled in style and distinction, especially when paired with a country tie and Tattersall shirt. Tweed jackets offer an indispensible smart-casual layer, and a matching flat cap is useful for any occasion when a cool breeze blows.

If you've got an adventurous spirit and a penchant for style, follow in the footsteps of Indiana Jones, Dirty Harry and Dr Who by donning a tweed jacket during your day job. Or for superior protection, take a leaf out of Sherlock Holmes' book and wrap yourself in a tweed long coat.

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