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Leather Slippers

Here at Samuel Windsor, we take our men's leather slippers seriously. Made from the finest nappa leather, our leather lined outdoor Churchill mules have you covered if you need to pop out for the mail. Staying inside? Our Albert half-leather lined slippers are the epitome of suave elegance. Complete the look with a supremely soft, brushed-cotton dressing gown from our range of stylish nightwear.

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Sale Outdoor Mule - Black

Outdoor Mule - Black


Was $85.00 $40.00

Sale Outdoor Mule - Brown

Outdoor Mule - Brown


Was $85.00 $40.00

Sale Albert Slipper - Black

Albert Slipper - Black


Was $85.00 $49.00

Sale Albert Slipper - Brown

Albert Slipper - Brown


Was $85.00 $49.00

Sale Albert Slipper - Oxblood

Albert Slipper - Oxblood


Was $85.00 $49.00

Sale Mule - Black

Mule - Black


Was $85.00 $49.00

Sale Mule - Brown

Mule - Brown


Was $85.00 $49.00

Sale Grecian Slipper - Navy

Grecian Slipper - Navy


Was $85.00 $49.00

Sale Grecian Slipper - Black

Grecian Slipper - Black


Was $85.00 $49.00

Sale Grecian Slipper - Brown

Grecian Slipper - Brown


Was $85.00 $49.00

Sale Suede Moccasin - Cranbourne

Suede Moccasin - Cranbourne


Was $85.00 $49.00

Sale Suede Moccasin - Stowe

Suede Moccasin - Stowe


Was $85.00 $49.00

Sale Churchill Suede Moccasin

Churchill Suede Moccasin


Was $85.00 $37.50

Sale Churchill Suede Moccasin Slipper

Churchill Suede Moccasin Slipper


Was $85.00 $49.00

Sale Outdoor Mule - Black

Outdoor Mule - Black


Was $85.00 $49.00

Sale Outdoor Mule - Brown

Outdoor Mule - Brown


Was $85.00 $49.00

Sale Churchill Fleece Lined Outdoor Mule - Brown

Samuel Windsor Leather Slipper Styles

Albert Slippers

These elegant indoor slippers were originally designed for Queen Victoria's husband in the 1840s. Their sleek appearance, soft nappa leather and superior craftsmanship make them an ideal house shoe for dinner parties and smoking room discourse.

Indoor and Outdoor Mules

The word 'mule' comes from the Roman phrase 'Mulleus', and describes the slip-on shoes worn by senators in Ancient Rome. These backless slippers are simple to slip on and off, and when a rubber sole is added they're fantastic for outdoor use as well.


The original leather shoe of indigenous people in North America, originally crafted from animal skins and decorated with distinctive tribal designs. At Samuel Windsor we've crafted our moccasins from sumptuous suede, adding a fleece lining for comfort and a rubber sole for longevity.

Grecian Slippers

Similar to the Albert, the Grecian features a sleek silhouette, fine nappa leather and hand crafted quality. The wide opening allows easy access like a mule, but the closed back keeps your slipper in place. The perfect combination of slipper properties.

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